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Atoka County
Uncontested Divorce is pleased to offer legal representation for agreed divorce and uncontested divorce services to clients throughout Atoka County, including those in Atoka, Bentley, Bethany, Blackjack, Boehler, Boggy Depot, Bruno, Burg, Caney, Centerpoint, Chockie, Cook, Crystal, Daisy, Dok and East Allison.

All agreed and uncontested divorces for the Atoka County area are filed and entered at the Atoka County courthouse located at:

200 E. Court Street
Atoka, Oklahoma 74525

MicroDivorce is not a document-preparation service, but a lawyer-owned and operated service to enter your agreed divorce with as little hassle and expense as possible. If you want to learn more About MicroDivorce and how we can serve you, please visit the rest of our site. If you have questions about our fees, then you may apply for a personalized fee estimate through our online Fee Estimator.

If you want to learn more about divorce in Oklahoma then read our FAQ Fifteen Questions About Divorce.