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About MicroDivorce

MicroDivorce is a lawyer-owned and operated service that puts you in contact with an Oklahoma Family Law attorney who works with you through the divorce process.  We work with you on your case and present your uncontested divorce in court whether we are handling it as a traditional case or you are handling it yourself..

MicroDivorce provides a low-hassle and high-quality service for those who have already done the hard work of coming to an agreement about their divorce.

What do you get with MicroDivorce?

  • You get a hands-on and personal approach to entering your uncontested divorce with a lawyer on your side.
  • You get the settlement guide to help you and your spouse make sure you have discussed everything you need in the divorce process.
  • You get less hassle because your lawyer at sets all hearings and does all communication with the court for you.
  • You get custom divorce papers particular to you and your divorce, and a lawyer will appear with you in court to enter your uncontested divorce.
  • You get a guarantee from MicroDivorce to address any defect in your divorce decree due to our mistake at no additional cost to you.

MicroDivorce-about-service-c*Not all providers of do-it-yourself divorce papers provide the same breadth of services. While some draft documents specific to your case, others simply give you blank forms to fill out yourself with little to no guidance. In preparing this chart we have compared our services to the best document services that are out there.

† maintains professional liability insurance that covers us in the case of mistakes in your case. We are confident that we can competently and accurately enter your agreed divorce, but it is nice for you to know that we are insured against mistakes.