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Most states have two types of divorces available: contested and uncontested divorce. The time requirements for obtaining a divorce, any waiting periods, paperwork, and court costs will vary depending on your jurisdiction and which type of divorce you file.

When you decide that it’s time to turn that “I Do” into an “I Don’t,” it’s helpful to understand the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce in Oklahoma.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

Often referred to as agreed divorce or simple divorce, uncontested divorces help couples get released from a marriage when they agree on the major issues. This simply means that both parties are willing to meet the other halfway in the interests of reaching a final conclusion.

Not only are uncontested divorces cheaper and faster than a contested divorce, but you will also avoid having to go to trial to resolve disputes. If there are some minor issues, you may be able to resolve them through mediation or arbitration, with or without having an attorney present.

How You May Be Involved in a Contested Divorce

You may be in a situation where you and your spouse cannot agree on some major issues in order to end the marriage, which forces you to file for a contested divorce. When you choose this option, you are asking the courts to intervene and decide the outcome of your disputes, with the representation of legal counsel. Some of the reasons for a contested divorce include disagreements on:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Asset distribution
  • Debt allocation
  • Alimony or temporary spousal support

Contested divorces typically deal with complex legal issues, high financial stakes, matters of emotion, and highly technical legal procedures. Experienced counsel is necessary to properly navigate through a contested divorce, and when one spouse secures an attorney, the other is wise to do the same.

Attorney Representation for an Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce

There are stark differences between a contested and uncontested divorce, but it is wise in both cases to seek the advice of experienced legal counsel. The benefit of having an attorney, even in an uncontested divorce, is that they can provide legal advice and take the steps necessary to protect your rights.

Not every divorce has to be riddled with conflict. Some couples simply want to simply go their separate ways by means of the most affordable and quickest divorce available. If you and your spouse agree to most major terms and want to avoid a trial, this could be the best choice.

MicroDivorce offers a quick and easy service for uncontested divorce in Oklahoma. When you are ready to move on and rebuild your life, our qualified divorce attorney can help make this happen with as little pain and hassle as possible.

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